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All in person sessions require a deposit.
All Zoom sessions require full payment in advance.
PLEASE NOTE: We are a 'Face Friendly' business.
- Kids and masks -

NEW COVID PROTOCOL - After a very difficult illness with Covid and now having acquired lifetime natural immunity I will be asking people who are recently vaccinated to not book their session within 8 weeks of vaccination. Oxford University study has shown vaccinated individuals carry up to 251 times the viral load of unvaccinated individuals. See study here. You can also search Oxford University study and Dr. Peter McCullough's reflection on said study. Vaccination shedding drops significantly after 8 weeks, and I welcome all to come and see me after that time period.

If the calendar does not show any availability then please contact for cancellations or zoom add-ons.


~ IMPORTANT! ~ This is a 'Face Friendly' business so please understand that for in person sessions I ask that masks be removed so that I may better hear you, and I will not be wearing a mask. If this is not agreeable to you, you can always book a Zoom session.

Please see Swiss Policy Research and independent, non-profit, non-partisan research for questions regarding mask wearing
Cancellation policy: A session can be canceled up to 3 days prior to a session for a full refund. If session is canceled less than 3 days prior to a session no refunds can be given. All Zoom sessions must be paid in full upon booking. If a Zoom session is not paid 3 days prior to the scheduled appointment the session will be canceled.