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Practical Points & Questions:

*  Why is there no phone number listed?
- Due to excessive spam phone calls, the phone number was taken off the website.
*  Can you return my phone call?
- Since I spend much time with clients, and have very little time for phone calls, I ask that all questions be emailed so I can respond to them efficiently at any time during the day, or late evenings. This is also due to travel and different time zones. for ALL Questions. Unless you are OK with me calling you at 4 or 5am EST.* 
* Can I come in for a session on a Friday or on the weekend?
- No, In Person Sessions are listed on the website, Mon/Tue/Wed.
- Zoom sessions are generally speaking on Mondays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays, unless special requests are submitted for other days during the week.
* When booking a session please use your TRUE first name that you go by. The rest is not important to me, but make sure to leave an email you respond to. In my prayer, I call upon spirit to come and sit with us and bring forth evidence and messages to (insert TRUE name).
*  Workshops or events may be on Saturdays and Sundays. Groups are Sundays. As most people, have days off from work, response to emails sent on Thursdays and Fridays may take a couple of days to receive a response. I like my time off too, like most people.
*  Can two people come in for ONE Intuitive Life Guidance Session?
* Can two or more people come in for one Spirit Communication Session?
-Yes if you are related, or best friends and you have the same family and friends in the Spirit World. Although, one session cannot be divided in to two separate sessions. It'll be ONE session for two or more people within the same family.
*  Can two or more people split a mixed session, Spirit Communication & Intuitive Life Guidance.
*  How do I contact Sirry?
-Via email:
*  I want a refund!
If a session has lasted a full hour that is considered a successful session. No refunds can be given. 
There are no refunds for Gift Certificates, unless a gifted session is unsuccessful.
*  I need to cancel/reschedule my session can I get a refund?
-If you need to cancel or reschedule less than 48 hrs before a session, refund less than deposit can be given. If a session is canceled/rescheduled less than 24 hrs before a session, no refunds can be given as it is impossible to fill that slot.
*  How do I book a session?
-In person via this website. / Zoom session via this website or by special arrangement:
*  Can it be equally helpful to have an in person session or via Zoom?
-Yes, there is little difference as the information flowing through will be the same! That said though, there is an energy built up in the office.
-All Zoom sessions are paid in advance.
*  Can I book a Zoom session, in a time slot for an in person session?
-No the office is not set up for Zoom sessions.

*  Can I book an In Person Session for myself and <insert person>
-Yes absolutely but did you read the website? All In-Person sessions are booked through this website, please click on tabs for Book a Session. If you do not see an opening this means I am booked up about 3 months up in time.
*  During a session/group: 
-Medium: I hear the name Joseph, Joe, Joseph or possibly John.
Recipient - No!
Medium: I hear the name Joseph, Joe, Jo Jay Oh name.
Recipient - No! His name isn't Joseph. My father's name was Joseph.
Medium - And your father is passed, is this correct?
Recipient yes.
Advice from the medium is to acknowledge and say yes, that's my dad, as otherwise the message may fall very flat when a recipient doesn't accept or acknowledge that which is true. A no, that really is a yes, can totally flatten the energy flowing through in a session.
*  Where is my recording?!!
Please look for WeTransfer email. It will arrive usually within 48 hours after your session. You will have 3 months to download your recording.

Psychic amnesia
Your mother mentions Mary.
Recipient - No, I can't think of a Mary.
Medium - Well, I hear Mary. It could be Marie, Mary, Maureen, Marianne, Mary
Recipient - Well, YES my middle name IS Mary!

Testing the medium
Sitter - I'm waiting for that thing I whispered to my loved one when they passed. What is it?
Medium - They have to come through my filter and the chances I'll get it is really slim.

Do you hear names?
Yes, but not all names and especially if a person is wanting me to get a name from a language I am not familiar with.
Clair-audience is a very subtle sense and it is like a fleeting thought, that gently moves through the mind of the medium, so expecting a medium to say names of different languages, is really stretching it, unless the medium is that much more clair-audient.
  1. Where is the afterlife? Heaven, Jannah, Shamayim, स्वर्ग, 天堂   -   In my experience, Heaven or Afterlife as I prefer to call it, is all around us. It is not far away in another galaxy, it is not separated from us. It includes all beings and it is a place of pure love, and no judgement.

  2. Do bad people go to Heaven?   -   Yes, they do as they are brought to a place of intense teaching , a place where they are given a chance to reflect on what they've done. They are able to join in, with others in the afterlife once the lessons are understood.

  3. Is there hell?   -   No, in my experience there is only heaven or afterlife where we all go.

  4. Do people who take their own life go to Heaven?   -   Yes, absolutely as the Universal God energy is an all loving energy and in my experience as a medium, those that decide to end their own lives, have suffered greatly and this is often their cry out for love. Once they enter Heaven, my experience is that they are surrounded by their family, that has gone there before them. They truly are loved.

  5. Is it alright to end one's own life? I would say no. No matter how deep the pain goes, it is never right. Those that understand karma, and reincarnation say that if a person decides to take their own life, they will have to redo the life they ended. Often far more difficult than the first time around. It's the soul's growth, can it handle the challenge, or does the soul give in? Those that endure and seek help, have learned the lesson from a soul's perspective.
    Another reason is, ending one's own life is never a solution, as the pain left behind is so deep and can never fully be healed, and after doing thousands of sessions, I have never met a person in the spirit world, who did not regret their actions. There is only, and only regret and profound sorrow left behind when people make this decision. It never ends well, this is and never should be a solution for hardship. Seek help, if those thoughts come to you.

  6. Do people who decide to end their own lives through Assisted Suicide go to Heaven?   -   In my experience yes, as the universal God energy is an all loving energy. At this stage, I do not know, whether the people may have to return with some of the ailments they suffered from in a lifetime, they chose to end.

  7. Did my loved one suffer?   -   My experience is such, that the cognitive mind has the ability to separate itself from pain before passing. When I have managed to merge nicely with a spirit, who is passing I have been able to sense the energy of Love around them and within them, and also from people here on earth as well as their loved ones in spirit. People are never alone, when they pass, there is always someone greeting them in the afterlife.

  8. Can spirit be 'lost' or stuck once they move in to the afterlife?   -   In the almost two decades that I have had the privilege to blend and merge with the spirit person I have never once felt a spirit being stuck or lost. This is very much based on religious doctrine, and if a person can free themselves from concepts they have been taught and simplify the process of passing, they will most likely realize that stuck, or lost is not an experience a spirit takes with them. Proof of Heaven, by Eben Alexander describes very well, when he was in between heaven and earth, that he suddenly realized he was able to control his 'flight' or movement. This shows how he was still deeply connected to his loved ones here, and yet how his time was not up.

  9. How long does it take for a spirit to get adjusted in the Afterlife?   -   It depends, most spirits only takes hours, some it may take a little longer. If a person is a great communicator and strong personalities they may communicate almost immediately upon their arrival in Heaven. If a person is shy or reserved it may take a little while for a medium to truly connect with their energy. Some spirits in my experience have felt 'lighter' or more transparent in their energy, soon upon their arrival, than someone who's been there for a while and who has seen other spirits 'pull the ropes' and communicate. People who have been in the spirit world for a while often feel 'full' and  whole in their energy, as they've learned to assimilate to their new surroundings.

  10. Do people take their pain with them?   -   No, not at all. 

  11. Do spirits feel emotion in the Afterlife?   -   Absolutely and most often they will reflect that in Love, Forgiveness, Regrets.

  12. Can they see that I just had a baby?   -   Yes, and most likely they were present at the birth.

  13. Do the spirit people know my children, which they never met?   -   Yes, and often times they have met them before you.

  14. Can a session with a medium be healing?   -   Yes, if you find a very honest, well trained and experienced medium, wonderful healing can and most often takes place. Please see reviews written by people who've had sessions with me.

  15. What is the most powerful thing we can do in our life?   -   To Love and Forgive.

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