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In Person Classes

Hands on classes​


In person classes are hands on with a group of likeminded students.

We practice silencing the mind, centering and connecting with our own intuition and Spirit.s


In person classes take place at 124 Harvard St, 2nd floor Suite 5B.

Parking on side streets Auburn St and Harvard Ave.


Online Classes

Various Seminars and Classes


Sirry Berndsen offers various courses and seminars via webinars that can be found here

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Coming soon in 2023

For those who have completed level one and two of Spirit Communication, or are currently signed up for level 1 and 2 with Sirry are welcome to join the Midweek Meditation and Messages on Wednesdays for an ongoing gathering. Cost is $15 cash.

Coming soon!

During this mentorship program, each student will receive on to one guidance.

In Person Classes
Coming soon!

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