Heavenly Healing


Healing Grief with your Loved One

Online - Thursdays, October 13 - December 2022 - 8 meetings

Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm EST   

$777 - Limited number of attendees.

During the course, you'll need a journal to write in.


Meeting 1

Introduction - Senses, Awareness and Meditation

How to connect with spirit using our senses and what are the senses we use.

Building a relationship with the ones we miss.

Introduction of journaling.

Meeting 2

Memories and writing letters to our Loved Ones through Journaling.

Setting a weekly/regular time to connect with your loved one. 

Automatic writing, meditation and how to flow. 


Meeting 3

Memories through Journaling.

The story of your Loved One. 

Grief graph. Moments to love, moments to forgive.


Meeting 4

Signs - What are they, how to look for them.

We'll walk through how to best communicate with your loved one so you'll be able to ask, see and receive their signs.

Meeting 5

Dreams - Inviting our loved ones to visit.

Music, photos, memories and items that may help. 

Health in daytime and night time.


Meeting 6

Memories - Photographs - Tell your story by journaling.

Using all your senses, expanding your consciousness.

Health in daytime and night time. Self-care reminder.

Sharing is caring.

Meeting 7

Memories - Music - Tell your story be reflecting on your loved ones favorite music.

Using all your senses to remember memories gone, that will facilitate in bringing closeness in your journaling.

Meeting 8

How to get a good reading with a medium and pick the mind of the medium and the griefer.

2 hours of questions and answers.

Processing Grief with Spirit.

Mental health support

Reaching out, building a support system.

Where to find information, who to seek out.

What to expect from a session with a medium or a grief group.

  • Consider having a licensed mental health counselor or a Grief Recovery Method Specialist you can turn to while attending this course.

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The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

—  Helen Keller, 1880-1968