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 Spirit Circles & Group Sessions

When a group or a family is wanting to sit together for a session a Spirit Circle can be arranged. A group can be scheduled in the comfort of your own home, other rates apply, or at the studio.

We will answer many questions people may have, to the best of our ability to explain the process of the work.
There will be time to ask questions at the end of the group session, to address all additional questions that may arise.

A group of 8-15 people will take 2 to 3 hours.


For inquiries for group sessions: 

 When scheduling a session please be so kind to keep the following in mind.

As a certified medium, Sirrý has high integrity. To help facilitate the session please respect the mutual integrity, as this work is sacred.

A great session happens when:

  • You come in with an open mind and a positive attitude

  • You have in your own way, through prayer or dialogue called upon your loved ones in spirit.

  • Get familiar with the way Sirrý works, both for Medium- and Intuitive Session. She will not necessarily give you what you want to hear, rather what flows from spirit.

  • Please be mutually respectful, as if you do not feel there is a connection, please voice that no later than 10 minutes into a session.

  • Have some thoughts and questions ready, as Sirrý will ask you for any questions once the session has begun.

  • Please come in, with a relaxed mind and during a session be as comfortable as you possibly can. Body language, demeanor and negative attitude during a session, can take away the healing and the joy that can come through in a session.

Remember, this is a sacred healing experience, this is your time and Spirit's time to connect. Open mind and an open heart is essential for a smooth, healing session.




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