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Sirry is a Certified Medium with the Forever Family Foundation in New York, since 2011

Forever Family Foundation was established in 2004 and their goal is to establish a connection with people dealing with grief and loss with mediums who have been tested and who have  proven beyond reasonable doubt that their loved ones are with them. 

Forever Family Foundation - Mission Statement

*To establish the existence of the continuity of the family, even though a member has left the physical world
*To stimulate thought among the curious, those questioning their relationship to the universe, and people who are looking for explanations of certain phenomena
*To financially support the continued research into survival of consciousness and Afterlife Science
*To provide a forum where individuals and families who have suffered the loss of a loved one can turn for support, information, and hope through state-of-the-art information and services provided by ongoing research into the survival of consciousness and Afterlife Science

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